PAT Testing Awareness – Online Training


Cost of course: £15.00 + VAT (per person)

This course lasts for approx. 15 minutes
(excluding time taken for final exam)

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Only the person or persons who have taken a course and passed the in-service inspection and testing of electrical Equipment (PAT Testing) exam and are competent in the work they are doing in performing PAT Testing.

This course will cover why it is necessary for the inspection and testing of electrical equipment in the workplace, what is inspection and testing of electrical equipment, why we test electrical equipment, who should carry out inspection and testing, what is involved in inspection and testing, the types of equipment, the legislation on inspection and testing and, of course, health and safety.  By completing this online course, it does not in any way or form qualify you in electrical engineering or similar qualification. This course should be used as guidance.

This course will cover:
• Types of classes
• Inspecting and testing
• Earth continuity test
• And much more…

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