Abrasive Wheels


Online Abrasive Wheel Training
Main course last for approx. 35 minutes (excluding time taken for final exam)
Refresher course last for approx. 28 minutes (excluding time taken for final exam)

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Have you ever been trained in the safe use of Abrasive Wheel Machinery?
If you use Abrasive Wheel machine but haven’t been shown how to safely mount or use Abrasive Wheel machinery then
this course is for you. Providing extensive information in the safe use and working practices with Abrasive Wheels.

This course will teach users the safe use of machinery that performs cutting and grinding with the use of discs and
wheels, the dangers involved with such machinery and what we can do to try and help prevent injury or even
worse, death when performing certain, dangerous tasks.
This will train your staff the basic principles of the safe use in Abrasive Wheels and know how to deal with the unlikely situation of someone being critically ill. This will allow you staff to train at any time to suit your needs.