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Online Falls Prevention-Working at Heights

Online Falls Prevention-Working at Heights

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Refresher course last for approx. 20.5 minutes (excluding time taken for final exam)

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Working at heights is clear; no measurement can answer the question ‘how high is high enough?’ The fact is that injuries sustained are due to the lack of falls prevention training, all it takes is for an employee to land awkwardly and an injury can be caused.

Therefore, no matter what height the operation – if your feet are off ground level, you are classed as working at heights and thus need to abide by the work at height regulations. To adopt the work at height regulations, you and your workforce are in need of Falls Prevention training.

fall off ladder

Fact: 7960 employed and self-employed people were injured between 2011-2012 due these accidents*.

Nearly 25% of all workplace injuries result from such incidents and that falls prevention training is a step in the right direction.


The benefits of using this training system:


Course content:


This course covers:


Explaining the Regulations.

Working From Heights.

Your Roles and Responsibilities.

Managing Risk Assessments.

Selecting the Right Equipment.

And much more…….