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Online Display Screen Equipment training

Online Display Screen Equipment Training

Main courses are priced at £15.00 + VAT

Refresher courses are priced at £10.00 + VAT

Main course last for approx. 21.5 minutes (excluding time taken for final exam)

Refresher course last for approx. 15 minutes (excluding time taken for final exam)


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Callsafe Services course_dseCallsafe Services DSE

Have you ever found yourself Straining your neck? Rubbing your eyes? Or even stretching your wrists and massaging your own back? Excessive use with Display Screen Equipment without sufficient training can be causing you long term damage without you even knowing it – this is called Repetitive Strain Injury, more commonly referred to as RSI.

The course has been developed around the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 to ensure you receive the fundamental knowledge for keeping yourself and your workforce safe from injury.


The benefits of using this training system:



Course content:


This course covers:



Effects of Poor DSE use.

Good posture.



And much more…..